First Methodist Church of Mabank

First Methodist Church of Mabank is one body with many hands!

Much of the work we do day in and day out is impossible without the help and assistance of the church's laity.

If you have a calling to help in the church, here are just a few ways you can help, no matter the age.


Lay Readers and Liturgists

Communion Servers

Home Communion Servers



Acolytes are a special part of the Children's Ministry at First Methodist Church of Mabank. Every Sunday, children trained as Acolytes are allowed the opportunity to join in the celebration of the service by bringing the “Light of Christ” into the sanctuary and lighting the altar candles. They will fill any other necessary roles as children’s leaders for the day; and at the end of the service, Acolytes will lead the church out from the sanctuary into the world with the “Light of Christ” going forward with them.

Music and Song

Your gifts as a vocalist or musician are always welcomed in service of worship. Find out more information by contacting the church office.

Preparation and Decorations

If you have a love of decorating, there are opportunities throughout the year where you can help decorate the church in preparation of special Sundays or events. If you have this gift and would like to share with the church, please contact the church office.

Audio and Visual Technology

Audio and visuals are an intricate part of our worship services. If you are technologically savvy or have a love for technical work like sound balancing and computer graphics, A/V Tech is a wonderful way for you to share your gifts. If you are interested in doing technology service but do not have much knowledge, we will gladly help you learn. Please contact the church for more information.


Prayer Blanket/Crosses

We provide “Prayer Blankets” for anyone in need when requested by a FMC member.  The blankets are made, placed in the sanctuary for members to pray over and tie a knot (signifying their prayer), and then presented to the person who was in need — hospitalization, illness, accident, death, armed services personnel, etc. This group meets the 4th Saturday of every month and would appreciate your volunteer and supplies efforts.

Prayer Crosses are made by request and then presented to the person who is in need — hospitalization, illness, accident, death, armed services personnel, etc. If you have a friend, family member, or neighbor you feel could use a Prayer Cross, please let the church office know.

Caring Ministries

Do you enjoy helping others both in and outside of our membership, working one-on-one with those in need? We are laypersons who provide one-on-one caring support to those going through a stressful time in their life.  For those in need of prayer, prayer chain emails are sent to the church family. A praying church is powerful church. Your service will be appreciated and remembered by those you serve!

Church Family

Lord’s Acre

Started in 1995 as a fundraiser for the youth ministries, Lord’s Acre has grown to become a successful tradition of First Methodist Church of Mabank and an iconic weekend for the Mabank community. Annually, on the second Saturday of October and the week leading up to it, you will see a giant tent set up in the church parking lot. Thursday evening kicks off the celebrations with Gospel Singing. On that Saturday, there is a festival of activities that includes a country store, barbecue lunch, and live auction. Sunday morning, we join as a church family for youth lead worship and reflections. This is a special time for our church, and we invite you to join us in celebration and service.

Do you have superb organizational skills? Can you cook? Make craft items? Sell items? There is a place where you can join our church family in service and help support our youth ministries.

Garage Sale

If you are great at organizing chaos and pricing/selling items, then this mission is for you! The garage sale event is typically the fourth week of April. Members give all their unneeded goods (except clothes) to the church to be sold to everyone in our community. The money raised in efforts like this fund many of the mission projects and services of the church. The garage sale also gets people to and into our church, exposing them to the wonders of our love for each other the love of Jesus Christ.

Vacation Bible School

What is summer without a week of fun, Bible stories, music, dance, crafts, and games? All of these fit the description of what Vacation Bible School is all about! VBS is a wonderful way to celebrate our God and teach the Bible stories to the children of our church and the community!

Teachers, Lay Servants, and Calls to Ministry

Sometimes, the call to service leads us to see a greater call in our lives. FMC of Mabank provides ways to assist you in your calling for spiritual leadership.

Become a Teacher

Assisting in the leadership and spiritual development of children is an essential part of a child's growth and development. All church members have the responsibility of helping the children of the church know our Lord and Savior. As the saying states, "It takes a village..."  If you are interested in serving and feel called to be a teacher, please contact our church office.

Lay Servants

Lay Servants use their gifts to serve the local congregation and beyond through a variety of ministries in Caring, Leading and Communicating. For information on becoming a lay servant, please contact the church office.